"I recently worked with Powerhouse Resources on replacement of a RR impeller and seal. Since I had not worked with them previously and was not involved in their selection, I was somewhat uncertain about their expertise and capabilities. I must say after completing this project, any uncertainty was unfounded. They came in early to help us with the detailed planning for the job and brought in seasoned individuals at both the supervisory and craft level to perform the work. The job was completed safely, efficiently, and with a strong focus on contingent planning. What I really like about companies like Powerhouse Resources, is how the principles of the company are in the field ensuring the job is done right and how there is not a large overhead that adds little value to the effort. Based on this positive experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Powerhouse Resources on future maintenance projects."

Russ Wenzl P.E. / P.M.P.
Sr. Project Manager
Cooper Nuclear Station

"Powerhouse Resources has proven to be a very reliable and responsive organization. The technical assistance we received was of the highest caliber and their willingness to help with supporting documentation from other industry contacts made the repair and return to service of our CRD pump in a very timely evolution. The tech rep was able to work closely with our in house craft personnel without issue and proved to be very thorough with regard to attention to detail and documentation. A follow up phone call by the rep the following week, to ensure continuing good service of the unit, demonstrates the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. If the need arises in the future we will not hesitate to call on their services again."

Tony Cappelletti
Supervisor-Mechanical Maintenance
Entergy Nuclear Northeast - VY

"Powerhouse Resources has been and continues to be a valuable, reliable and knowledgeable asset to our Maintenance Department at Entergy Nuclear Northeast, Fitzpatrick Plant. Bruce and his team have met our emergent needs for Reactor Feed Pump issues and Overhauls of large Circulating Water Pumps, Recirc Pump Seals, Condensate Booster Pump seals during plant outages."

Russell Keene
Supervisor-Maintenance Department
Entergy Nuclear Northeast - James A. Fitzpatrick

"Oconee Nuclear station has employed Powerhouse Resources since 2001. They have been in a position to effect the quality and performance of our equipment and have done so in a deliberate, professional manner. The interface between these individuals and ONS Maintenance Technical support have yielded positive results. The interaction between ONS Technical support and Powerhouse Resources has proven, reliable and cost effective. It is my belief Powerhouse Resources are in part, the reason Oconee Nuclear rotating equipment has successfully completed outages, meeting milestones. The reliability of our equipment is indicative of the quality and deliberate actions of these folks. "

Charles E. Brewer
Senior Technical Support
Oconee Nuclear Station - Duke Energy Corp.

"Like many companies today, our nuclear plant permanent staff is very lean. We often find ourselves shorthanded, needing a helping hand from someone who is not only technically savvy but also understands nuclear protocol. As many of you may know, succeeding in the nuclear business requires that each of us and those around us execute our daily activities with little or no tolerance for error. When we start looking for outside assistance, it’s a comfort to know that Powerhouse Resources is available. Whether it’s overhauling a Main Feed Pump, Residual Heat Removal Pump, a Centrifugal Charging Pump, or just a persistent oil leak, Powerhouse Resources has provided quality oversight that has lead to continued excellent equipment performance. "

Ronny Schouggins
Technical Support - Maintenance
TVA - Watts Bar

"Powerhouse Resources has shared in the improved performance of Constellation Energy Group Nine Mile Point Nuclear Stations equipment reliability. During "Refuel Outage 17" at our Nine Mile Point Unit One Station in March 2003, Powerhouse Resources supplied Qualified Supervisors and Technical Representatives to support our rotating equipment needs. Powerhouse Resources has the skills and knowledge that support superior maintenance. One success story is the installation of mechanical seals in the Feedwater Booster Pumps at the Unit One Station, replacing pump packing and eliminating transferring water to our Rad Waste Building for costly processing. Powerhouse Resources recommended the seal vendor and worked diligently with our staff on site to complete the installation. This modification has improved the equipment reliability thus eliminating Preventative Maintenance that was required to repack the pump and flushing the lubrication system every two years."

Robert J. Ruggio
Supervisor - Rotating Equipment Crew
Constellation Energy Group - Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station