Systematic Industrial Operations Training

We are the only certified training expert for the TECHSTAR® Human Performance training courses, your source for immediate on-site operational and safety awareness improvement. PRI provides relevant, tailored training to all levels of public and private industry, with focus on leadership, management, maintenance and operation disciplines—each aimed at enhancing human performance. We assist industrial teams in improving performance and safety through heightened awareness of the causes of industrial accidents and the techniques by which good teams avoid them—thus reducing lost work, equipment down time, throughput rates lagging, job-related injuries. Cost savings are a direct benefit from enhanced human performance. Founded by TECHSTAR®’S Hop Howlett II, PRI now leads two courses custom tailored to your site:

  • Systematic Industrial Operations-This course takes the attendee through the concept of systematic industrial operations. Students will learn the eight essential elements of the strategy for operating success, review the twelve vital operating skills, and discuss the implementation or improvement of systematic operations in their own facility.

  • Maintenance and the Safety Envelope-Attendees in the Maintenance and the Safety Envelope course will learn the importance of maintenance activities within their industrial facility and how to avoid expensive and harmful events. This course focuses on the constant application of simple maintenance practices through which most maintenance-related accidents can be avoided. Various industrial and transportation accident case studies will be reviewed and analyzed drawing the application for your facility.

The PRI core team has over 125 years of combined experience in power plant management, supervision, operations, maintenance and training in both public and private industry. We leverage our tradition of Military Leadership. PRI associates are accomplished professionals who served as hands-on leaders in the U.S. military and private industry.

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“Real world scenarios for power plant operations…demands philosophical changes to our operations”
    ~ Joseph,Plant Manager

“…will support me in improving our operational procedures…”
   ~ James, Regional VP

“…relevant, down to earth, easy to understand and apply…”
   ~ Lucas, Maintenance Manager

“…common sense approach…”
   ~ Tammy, HR