Outage Repairs

The largest part of our business is supplying technical direction of inspections, rebuild and repair of all primary and secondary pumps and associated equipment. We supply knowledgeable, qualified technicians who focus on the quality repair at hand. We subscribe to a zero rework philosophy.

Emergency Services

Sudden pump failures. We understand the sense of urgency. Our staff is ready to rush to your site and immediately assist in the plan to restore the equipment to operability. If parts are the issue, we have procedures in place to procure parts quicker than you might be acustom to.

Outage Workforce Augmentation

To help reverse the recent trend in Plant Outage Support, Powerhouse Resources is now offering an alternative for your short term staffing needs. We have quality, nuclear experienced people that come from a safety culture. We can help with all your needs from Reactor Services to the Diesel Team. Not to mention, we are 'The Pump Doctors' for your BOP/ pump team needs.

Pump Supervision and Procedure Review

Our staff is experienced in crew supervision. We have supervised in-house and contractor personnel during refuel outages. We follow and maintain schedules, as well as assure the quality of work. We have experienced procedure writers on staff. Due to our interaction with many plants in the industry, we adhere to effective procedures while also recognizing the areas where revisions are necessary. We can offer improvements to certain steps or perform complete re-writes.

Pump Upgrades

We have assisted engineering and maintenance with modifications and upgrades of equipment. Through our partnerships with several of the more proactive suppliers of equipment and parts, we have performed upgrades and equipment change-outs that have saved our customers substantial time and dollars.

Turbine Maintenance

We provide complete Steam Turbine services for Scheduled or Forced Outage and Pre / Post Outage needs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety. We can assist with rapid and reliable deployment of subject matter experts to solve your challenges the first time. Our Turbine Deck Augmentation includes Mechanical Turbine and Valve Technicians including Feed Pumps, Certified Crane Operators and Riggers, Turbine Deck Supervision and Technical Directors, Generator and Seal Specialty Craft, Logistics and Material Handling, Tool Room and FME Personnel.

Electrical Maintenance

We provide quality I&C-E technicians to fulfil your electrical needs. Ranging from running conduit to high voltage testing of main step-up transformers, our experienced technicians will augment your workforce and drive reliability. We provide technicians for innage, outage, emergent, or planned projects. This includes, PLC’s, instrument calibration and installation, molded case breakers, conduit installation, wire/cable pulling and terminations, temp power, switchgear inspections and maintenance, MCC’s inspections and maintenance, BUS inspections and maintenance, low to high voltage testing, and electrical troubleshooting.

Root Cause Analysis

We have worked with various sites in analyzing equipment operating in an undesirable condition. Whether it is high vibration, oil and water leakage, short seal life, etc., we have probably seen similar situations. We will analyze your particular equipment issues and offer repair options.


PRI provides relevant, tailored training to all levels of public and private industry, with focus on leadership, management, maintenance and operation disciplines—each aimed at enhancing human performance. We assist industrial teams in improving performance and safety through heightened awareness of the causes of industrial accidents and the techniques by which good teams avoid them—thus reducing lost work, equipment down time, throughput rates lagging, job-related injuries. Cost savings are a direct benefit from enhanced human performance.
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