Outage Repairs

Powerhouse Resources, a service company headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. specializes in problem analysis, installation, and repair of pumps and systems. Powerhouse Resources serves the North American Nuclear Industry. The company provides a complete range of on-site pump services. The customer’s needs are met by Powerhouse Resources in several ways.

On-site Technical Support

Only the most knowledgeable service specialists are employed by Powerhouse Resources. These people have spent their careers in the rotating equipment field. They understand the requirements and expectations of the nuclear customer. Once on-site, a Powerhouse Resources service specialist is requested back to that site, repeatedly.

Equipment Solutions

Powerhouse Resources has partnered with several premier equipment manufacturers. These partnerships benefit the customer by providing solutions to “bad acting” equipment. Rather the issue is parts reliability, oil and water leakage, short mechanical seal life, or any undesired performance, Powerhouse Resources can diagnose the issue at hand and make time-proven recommendations. When it is practical or necessary to repair equipment off site, certain quality-based facilities are recommended. Powerhouse Resources has been very successful in working with customers to procure quality replacement equipment and parts. In many instances, the best replacement was from a different manufacturer than the original nameplate.

Turnkey Services

Powerhouse Resources provides total on-site equipment repair. Up front planning, craft and technical support and procedural rewrites & upgrades are provided. This service frees up the customers’ limited and valuable resources for other duties.

Specialty Tooling

Powerhouse Resources has designed and sold its hydraulic coupling tensioners to many plants throughout the country. The tools work with any coupling fitted to a taper shaft. This tooling saves significant time, money and radiological dose each time used.

Customer Base

The Powerhouse Resources customer base includes many of the paramount performers in the industry. Sites at Constellation, Duke, Entergy and TVA are repeat customers. Through an alliance with the Sulzer Pump Company, Powerhouse Resources provide services to Exelon’s plants. Exelon is the country’s largest nuclear producer of electricity.

Industry First Choice

Whether it is outage supervision, technical direction, consultation on replacement of equipment, emergency repairs, or total turnkey services, the professionals at Powerhouse Resources are the nuclear industries choice.