Frequently Asked Questions

▪ Why use Powerhouse Resources personnel?

Our people have spent their careers in the nuclear power industry. We understand the "new" economics of the business and always strive for efficient quality and "zero rework" on every project.

▪ How can Powerhouse Resources save us money?

A: a. Powerhouse Resources rates are very competitive. b. Our experienced staff has superior working knowledge of rotating equipment. c. We strive to work efficiently to get you up and running sooner.

▪ Not being an equipment manufacturer, how does Powerhouse Resources procure necessary parts?

Powerhouse Resources works with several manufacturers and replicators to procure parts, as good or better quality than original, always at a better price and delivery.

▪ Can Powerhouse Resources help us procure new equipment?

Absolutely! Powerhouse Resources has worked with utilities to procure replacement and upgraded equipment. Through our associations with quality manufacturers, we have saved our customers substantial amounts of money and obtained favorable lead times.

▪ How can Powerhouse Resources provide tooling for projects?

Our tooling is our skill, knowledge, and experience. We provide special tooling packages for recirc projects and coupling tensioner tools. Out special tooling saves time and dose reducing customer expenditure.

▪ Have More Questions?

Visit our Contact Us page. We will get you the answers to any questions you have and help meet your business neeeds.