Products - Coupling Tensioners

Traditionally, installing and removing coupling flanges on tapered shafts has been accomplished by heating the flange or by using a jury-rigged assortment of mechanical jacks. These methods are time consuming and can be a safety hazard.

Fast, Accurate, Safe & Cost-Effective Alternative:

The Pump Coupling Tensioner is a fast, accurate, safe and cost-effective tool for installing and removing coupling flanges on tapered shafts.

▪ FAST! It reduces a 12-hour chore to a 20-minute task. There is no need to wait for the coupling to heat-up or to cool-down.

▪ ACCURATE! It has the power to accurately advance the coupling to its proper position on the shaft. There is no time-consuming rework associated with a mis-positioned coupling.

▪ SAFE! It’s designed to fit the specific coupling. Controlled hydraulic pressure pulls the shaft and coupler together or pushes them apart. No heating!

▪ COST EFFECTIVE! The Pump Coupling Tensioner is reversible, so it performs both the assembly and the disassembly task. For most designs the hydraulic pressure is provided by a standard (10,000 to 14,500 psi) hand pump and hose. Higher operating pressures, up to 33,000 psi, are available.

Pump Coupling Tensioner Applications:

▪ Condensate Booster Pump (CBP)
▪ Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP)
▪ Reactor Feed Pump (RFP)
▪ Reactor Recirculation Pump (RRP)
▪ Feedwater Pump
▪ Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP)
▪ Steam Generator Feed Pump (Both Main & Auxiliary Pumps)
▪ Any Primary or Secondary Pump with a Tapered Shaft.
▪ Any Piece of Rotating Equipment with a Tapered Shaft.